$ 1,150.00

This image is part of an on going series called "Sync".  In this series, I am exploring female relationships and how much support and love can come from having close female friends, as a woman. Working with these talented women has shown me the power of a group of women coming together to accomplish a goal.

  • 24"x24" (Edition of 15)
  • Dimensions of image: 24"x24"
  • Dimensions of paper:  28"x28"
  • 36"x36" (Edition of 10)
  • Dimensions of image: 36"x36"
  • Dimensions of paper:  40"x40"
  • 48"x48" (Edition of 10)
  • Dimensions of image: 48"x48"
  • Dimensions of paper:  52"x52"

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