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Shroud: What may be used to protect you can also weigh you down. Your shelter can also be your cage.

  • 14"x24" (Edition of 20)
  • Dimensions of image: 14"x24"
  • Dimensions of paper:  18"x28"
  • 20"x36" (Edition of 20)
  • Dimensions of image: 20"x36"
  • Dimensions of paper:  24"x40"
  • 35"x60" (Edition of 5)
  • Dimensions of image: 35"x60"
  • Dimensions of paper:  39"x64"

 Each piece is hand-crafted by Mallory Morrison. They are made of archival inkjet prints a-fixed to 1" deep birch wood panels and then sealed with clear topcoat for added texture, water resistance, and UV protection. The back of each wood photo print is signed and has a wire for easy installation.  All of the wood photo prints are open edition to provide an affordable option for art collectors.